TEDxRiNo is Coming To Denver's River North Art District!

Welcome to the new TEDxRiNo website and blog. We are proud to announce our inclusion into the wonderful TEDx network, joining likeminded individuals from around the world, including our friends and neighbors at TEDx Mile High, Front Range, and Boulder. We are committed to bringing you the best information and updates regarding our TEDx event (April 13, 2015 at Infinite Monkey Theorem– mark your calendars!).

Our goal with TEDxRiNo is to provide an intimate and communal experience revolving around the River North Arts District, a neighborhood that has experienced its own fair share of growth over the past couple of years. We are dedicated to bringing you the best speakers we can find to share ideas and start meaningful discussions that can shed new light on local issues faced by a likeminded and global community.

We chose the RiNo neighborhood for its rich history and burgeoning art, food, drink, and start-up scene. RiNo is quickly becoming a go-to neighborhood in Denver for local businesses and start-ups. Though it still maintains its original industrial façade, RiNo is filled with hidden gems and serves as an inspirational model of reimagining a community. After work activities include new breweries and restaurants that aim to compete with old establishments in Denver. RiNo’s thriving, youthful scene is perfect for TEDx, and we hope that we can help bring community members and thought leaders together to share ideas that can shape the future of sustainable and inclusive urban development.

We have chosen to kick off our first TEDx event with a theme that we think captures the RiNo spirit, reIMAGINE. The word “reimagine” feels fresh, building upon old ideas to create new and meaningful advancements in all categories. We are constantly trying to reimagine what we can do and how we can interact with expanding global platforms and ideas. RiNo, to us, exemplifies the theme of reIMAGINE by reinterpreting the urban, industrial environment to create meaningful and locally based businesses and living spaces within the neighborhood’s already existing walls. We hope to contribute to a thriving scene and help maintain an inclusive atmosphere to all, old and new.

We hope you will join us on this journey to bring TEDx to the RiNo neighborhood. Let’s have some fun together! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see TEDxRiNo come together!