Who's Performing at TEDxRiNo reIMAGINE?

No TEDx event is complete without the assistance of a few talented artists. With Denver and Boulder serving as a hotbed of musical talent, TEDxRiNo is thrilled to have these two local musical acts for our program this Monday, April 13th.

The Reminders

Since releasing their first album, Recollect, in 2008, The Reminders have forged their own path through the ever-changing modern musical landscape. As a duo, the group has combined the talents of Brussels-born emcee, Big Shamir, and Queens-born emcee/vocalist, Aja Black, to create a sound that blends the soulful heart of roots music and the raw power of hip-hop. Feeding off of each other’s strengths, in both music and marriage, The Reminders have left a lasting impression on listeners and audiences alike. They have been recognized for their work on TV and radio, and have shared the stage with more than a handful of musicians. Beyond the Reminders, Samir and Aja are engaged with community organizations, schools, and universities and have delivered workshops, talks, and specially catered performances. Their latest album, Born Champions, came out in 2012.

Stelth Ulvang

Stelth Ulvang is a force to be reckoned with while onstage, as both a multi-instrumentalist for The Lumineers and as a solo artist. His passion is recognizable to audiences who cheer on as his fingers scale the ivory keys of his piano and his bare feet stomp the ground during his energetic sets of indie folk rock. Stelth, who began his music career after co-founding The Dovekins, is a self-taught musician and a spirited poet and composer of honest, confessional music. He has transformed venues, ranging in size from living rooms and backyards to theatres and beyond, into an intimate storytelling carnivals filled with sing-alongs, dancing, camaraderie, and good times. His new record, And, As Always; The Infinite Cosmos, is a balancing act of heavy truths, humor, and observation. His songs share the wayfaring nature of his heart. Stelth currently tours the globe with The Lumineers.