2015: reIMAGINE

The word REIMAGINE feels fresh, building upon old ideas to create new and meaningful advancements in all categories. As humans, we are constantly trying to reimagine. Our days. Our careers. Our health. Our Earth. Our food system. Our neighborhoods. Our education. 

RiNo exemplifies reimagine–from reinterpreting urban, industrial environments and creating meaningful, local businesses to building a community full of passionate, hardworking individuals. 

Watch talks and performances from the April 13th event.


Mike Biselli



Since his childhood, Mike Biselli has exhibited an entrepreneurial spirit, following through with his life long goals of attending college on a full-ride athletic scholarship, earning two degrees from Stanford University, and launching Biselli Development Group (BDG)–a consulting group that matches high school student-athletes with collegiate athletic programs and scholarships. In 2003, Biselli began his career in the healthcare industry by working with leading medical device companies, leading to an opportunity to help found MedPassage–a digital healthcare company focused on building efficient web-based surgery coordination platforms. Since selling MedPassage last year, Biselli has been serving on the PrIME Health Collaborative board and is working with government, academic, and private entities to develop a health technology innovation campus in downtown Denver.

Amanda Cavaleri



Six years ago, Amanda Cavaleri founded Capable Living, a concierge service company for older adults, opening her eyes to the loneliness and isolation faced by many of her clients. After researching the issue, Cavaleri made it her mission to find technological solutions to reconnect and engage older adults into society. In 2014, she co-founded Empower Aging, a multi-disciplinary national leadership team aiming to attract, retain, and grow talent with the Longevity Economy. Cavaleri has spent time speaking with and encouraging both students at the University of Colorado – Denver and local entrepreneurs to connect with older adults and believes that technology can close the age gap and connect different generations. She chairs the PrIME Health Collaborative’s working group on aging, and has been highlighted in the Denver Post and on PBS NewsHour.

David Emrich



David Emrich is a second-generation filmmaker, a fourth-generation Coloradan, and a gifted storyteller. With a talent for video editing, Emrich founded Postmodern Company in 1992, providing full-service production and media services. In 2001, he moved Postmodern to the RiNo neighborhood, where they have continued to produce top-of-the-line television, web, and corporate content. Emrich has edited hundreds of TV commercials and a number of documentaries, including the Academy Award winning short documentary A Story of Healing and the Gracie Award winningThe Other Angels. His interests in film and Colorado history collided when he wrote Hollywood, Colorado, a book about the early days of filmmaking in Colorado before California became the center of the industry a century ago. 

Amy Friedman



As President & CEO of Book Trust, Amy Friedman has made it her mission to inspire a passion for reading among under-privileged youth. Book Trust is a national non-profit literacy organization empowering children from low-income families to become life-long readers, and cultivates increased literacy skills and learning. Friedman, with a background in the Denver Public School system, where she began her career as an English as a Second Language classroom teacher, spent several years in various key leadership roles until she joined Book Trust in 2011. Since taking over as President & CEO, Book Trust has nearly doubled its footprint across the nation. Today the organization serves 36,000 students in 15 states and has put over 3.5 million books in the hands and homes of kids in need. 

Wendy Lu McGill



With an interest in sustainability, Wendy Lu McGill, a social science researcher, has made it her mission to change the way we think about our food consumption habits.  She is challenging the Western notion that bugs are simply a nuisance to be swatted away, and is promoting entomophagy–the practice of eating insects. McGill, who is beginning a study of people farming palm weevil larvae in Ghana with Aspire Food Group, is hoping to educate people who are concerned about sustainability, future food supplies, and the impact of livestock on the environment, by promoting the health benefits of insects. She has volunteered locally to bring a community garden to her kids’ school, is establishing Denver’s only urban orchard, and can be found holding bug eating workshops around the city.

Mickey Zeppelin



Born in Denver in 1937, Mickey Zeppelin has seen the city grow from a western town dominated by streetcars and 75-foot high building limits to the modern city that we see now. As a young man, Zeppelin had a brief stint in the US Coast Guard and practiced law until 1972, when he entered into real estate development full time. In the 1980’s he founded Zeppelin Development with the primary purpose of developing strong and dynamic repurposed urban projects in Denver. With a keen eye for his surrounding environment and a vision for what his city could be, Zeppelin began transforming districts with limited potential into neighborhoods, workspaces, and active and engaging communities. Serving on various boards and steering committees, Zeppelin has had a hand in many urban renewal projects across the city, including TAXI and The Source in RiNo.


The Reminders


Since releasing their first album, Recollect, in 2008, The Reminders have forged their own path through the ever-changing modern musical landscape. As a duo, the group has combined the talents of Brussels-born emcee, Big Shamir, and Queens-born emcee/vocalist, Aja Black, to create a sound that blends the soulful heart of roots music and the raw power of hip-hop. Feeding off of each other’s strengths, in both music and marriage, The Reminders have left a lasting impression on listeners and audiences alike. They have been recognized for their work on TV and radio, and have shared the stage with more than a handful of musicians. Beyond the Reminders, Samir and Aja are engaged with community organizations, schools, and universities and have delivered workshops, talks, and specially catered performances. Their latest album, Born Champions, came out in 2012.

Stelth Ulvang


Stelth Ulvang is a force to be reckoned with while onstage, as both a multi-instrumentalist for The Lumineers and as a solo artist. His passion is recognizable to audiences who cheer on as his fingers scale the ivory keys of his piano and his bare feet stomp the ground during his energetic sets of indie folk rock. Stelth, who began his music career after co-founding The Dovekins, is a self-taught musician and a spirited poet and composer of honest, confessional music. He has transformed venues, ranging in size from living rooms and backyards to theatres and beyond, into an intimate storytelling carnivals filled with sing-alongs, dancing, camaraderie, and good times. His new record, And, As Always; The Infinite Cosmos, is a balancing act of heavy truths, humor, and observation. His songs share the wayfaring nature of his heart. Stelth currently tours the globe with The Lumineers.