2015: reIMAGINE


Mike Biselli, a former Stanford student-athlete, speaks about community and how it first helped shape him in his athletic career, and now is the driving force behind his ideas in the digital healthcare industry. He believes community collaboration is key to transforming healthcare in the United States and that everyone has a seat at the table, and a voice in the matter.


David Emrich speaks about reevaluation - the importance of taking a step back and looking at your life every few years. Having a cycle and making the decision to go "all in" is important and the only way to stay relevant and competitive.


Wendy Lu McGill is concerned with the way we eat. She challenges us to take a hard look at our food chain and its impact on our environment. How? By eating insects. She addresses the fact that insects are an acquired taste and when you take into account the negative environmental affects of traditional livestock (and some of her incredible stats), you might just reimagine entomophagy.


Musical performance by Stelth Ulvang, of the Lumineers, and Blake Stepan. Stelth Ulvang is a force to be reckoned with while onstage, as both a multi-instrumentalist for The Lumineers and as a solo artist.



At such a young age, Cavaleri has dedicated her life to researching and fighting isolation among older adults. She believes wisdom, from our elders, is the new "big data". She shares the need to intentionally connect different age groups, identify isolation as an epidemic, and collectively honor, leverage, and value the wisdom of our elders.


Amy Friedman shares an array of moving statistics on literacy rates among under privileged children in the United States. She asks that we consider intellectual deserts the same way we strive to eradicate food deserts and encourages us to reimagine them into rich learning environments that promote literacy and learning.


Referred to as the "urban pioneer", Zeppelin shares his story as a long-term developer in Denver, Colorado - a tale that weaves together over 40 years of insight, revealing the outcome of his original vision for the River North (RiNo) Art District and the results of his commitment to the interconnectedness of people, place, and community.


The Reminders are a husband wife duo who have reimagined what it means to be a family-centric hip hop artist group. Their music inspires love, creativity, and passion. Since releasing their first album, Recollect, in 2008, The Reminders have forged their own path through the ever-changing modern musical landscape.